Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Printernet, Teachable Moments and Fixing High School Ed: The President v Dick Cheney

This morning at 10:oo President Obama will talk about National Security. At 10:45 Dick Cheney will talk about National Security. A great opportunity for logical thinking enabled by compare and contrast. Passionate opposing viewpoints create teachable moments. That's what works in a classroom. That's what works in public discourse. It's not about non partisan. It's about Free Speech and democracy.

Imagine how much teachers and students in K -12 will learn if someone printernet published 50,000,000 4 page newsletters delivered to every High School in America, tomorrow morning with a minaml carbon footprint.

Consider the reach when the kids took the print piece home and left it on the kitchen table. If it were supported by ads for public health it could lower health costs.

Vertis has the network and production and Quincy Allen at the helm. The newspapers have the last mile distribution. Or it's Staples or Office Max or Office Depot. Or it's Alpha Graphics or Sir Speedy. Or it's the Indigo DSCoop network.

All the pieces are in place to do it. It just needs a little focus, some good business reasons, and VARs on the ground.

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