Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DP+BP: Quark: How about trying this out at BOT High Schools and Community Colleges in the States?

It's too time consuming to teach technical skills, when you get paid to teach students to think logically. Maybe you can help? You do your job. Teachers will do their jobs.
Quark gives RMIT an education in design and print -
@Print Graphic News
: "QUARK Pacific has announced the launch of its Quark Education Program which will see the company invest in Australian and New Zealand design and print student’s education.

Developed with the consultation of educational institutes and the design and print industry, the Quark education program includes the unlimited use of QuarkXPress 8 within the educational institution and a full version of QuarkXPress 8 for each student enrolled in a design or graphic technology

Quark says they will also provide training for both teachers and students in programs as well as sharing QuarkXPress 8 educational material to assist the teachers with the preparation of their teaching syllabus.

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