Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DP: Another piece of the printernet falls into place. SaaS Pricing layer that talks to enterpise MIS from Austrilasia

Estimating is a time sink. One solution is a templated website - MarketSplash. Another solution comes from a tech firm in New Zealand. I can't tell from the site, but my bet is that PalomaTech is three really passionate smart people in whatever equals a garage in New Zealand.
Tharstern NZ to preview Print IQ at Pacprint -
@Print Graphic News:
"THARSTERN New Zealand has announced it will give a preview of its Internet Quoting and MIS intelligence solution Print IQ this month at Pacprint.

Print IQ (Internet or Intranet Quoting) has been developed as a web based estimating tool which only requires Internet monthly subscription to Print IQ.
. . .
The solution also includes Job bags, Reposts, Invoices and the ability to export files into an accounts package.
. . .
Print IQ is the culmination of development collaborations between Tharstern NZ and development partner Paloma Technology. Both companies have worked on a number of projects for common customers in Australia and NZ and felt the market was ready for the release of Print IQ.

Palomatech’s Print IQ tool integrates with the TharsternSQL database, allowing customers to access online estimating tools and also have to option to scale up to a full service MIS in their local environment.

Print IQ is developed to be layered over a companies own MIS solution achieving point of sale customer traffic, franchise linking to a centralised database as well as simplification of the estimating process to a broader group of non specialised individuals.

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