Monday, May 18, 2009

BP: Is there a way to replace K -12 textbooks with a series of one pagers?

One page populated by well designed QR codes. The words on the page have the kernels of knowledge that have to be learned. The kids use their cell phones to get to the web page that tells the complex stories. The library of kernels are based on National Standards. The particular kernels for presentation are selected by the teacher in the classroom.

The harvested data makes sure the teacher and students are all doing their jobs.

Click on the picture to see what I\

I would give a call to Apple, Google (android), Nokia, RIM. Or any of the folks in Japan that have lots of experience with the QR code piece. Maybe Canon, Ricoh or Fuji? The natural of course is HP since they already sell cameras. But my bet is they are too busy being very busy figuring out how to make money with computers.

Maybe the best bet is Verizon. I just read at Ad Age that their customer acquisition cost for VIOS is about $200 each, and they've spent $23 billion building the competition to cable in fiber. Maybe they want to FIOS K -12?

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