Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oops! Fedex/Kinkos leaves the UK. The Color Company has the money to pounce.

Legacy size is no guarantee of success. In fact, global size responding in corporate time may be the real tragedy for globals. If The Color Company can get a piece of the big money on the prowl, maybe they can replicate in other global cities around the globe. Fedex could use the cash. If they do a sweet deal to keep the pick up points, and stop the pain on the Print side, it should be a win-win.

The Color Company printernet is all over London. In the language of the printernet the retail stores are OPM/VARs. Since they say they have an iGen3, at least one OEM is Xerox. The Color Company was formed in 1996. They are a Market Service Support company. They are not a Market Service Provider. They are printers. They are not marketers. They support marketers.
FedEx Kinko's quits UK and sells sites to The Color Company
Helen Morris,, 20 May 2009

FedEx Kinko's has exited the UK market with the sale of its five UK sites to Printing Investments, which trades as The Color Company, for an undisclosed sum.

The move includes the sale of five of the print and mailing company’s branches – four in the centre of London and one in Reading. They will be rebranded under The Color Company banner."

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