Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BP: China Print bigger than Drupa?

The snippet below quotes Alon Bar-Shany, HP Indigo VP. The blablabla is that's the big opportunity for Euro based globals. But be very careful. In Asia it's head to head competition with Fuji, Ricoh, Canon and many others.

No doubt it is an opportunity. But it is not easy to pick low hanging fruit. If HP does an Asian version of MarketSplash 3.0 before Ricoh or Fuji that might help. In any case, it's going to be a tough fight.

Europe/New World has to keep adjusting. The common wisdom is that global economic engines will be in Asia. True, but it misses the fact that economic engines will be scattered in city-regions all over the planet. Given the rise of so many cities, with so many people, in so much of Asia it looks like it's about global regions.

In fact all business, like all politics, is local.
Next China Print may be bigger than drupa, says Alon Bar-Shany -
from News Archive - Print21:
Wednesday, 13 May 2009

HP Indigo vice president predicts the shift in printing power to Asia will see the regional exhibition outpace the established European and US shows.

. . . According to Bar-Shany, the growth of HP Indigo press business in Asia more than justifies the company holding its InfoTrends event in Beijing. With 47 percent annual growth in the Asia Pacific, HP Indigo is looking to China to fuel its ongoing 25 percent annual growth. There are approximately 5,000 HP Indigo presses installed around the world, but only 200 in China.

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