Monday, May 18, 2009

Brilliant!! (UK). Time is the ultimate scarce resource. So use excess time instead of advertising or "educating."

She said: "We have been relatively pleased with the results so far. We have picked up nine new clients, four in one day." see snippet below
What's your customer acquisition cost? How many "sales motivation" meetings do you have to host? How much "educating" do you have to do? I wonder how much excess time there is at all those innovation centers that Xerox, Oce, InfoPrint, HP, IBM and Xpedx have scattered around the planet?

In any case, excess press time is like an empty seat on a scheduled flight. Until the plane leaves, it's very valuable. The closer it gets to taking off, the more valuable. Until it gets too close then the value goes way down.

Once the doors are closed, it's useless. If you can use useless instead of advertising or marketing or educating, it's just a way to re purpose wasted time. Given how much time is wasted in most enterprises, most of the time, it should work.

Bristol printer tries to win new work with introductory 'free print' offer

Kingsdown Printing sent out an email to potential new customers, offering recipients up to five free hours on its press for the month of May. Customers would only need to pay for consumables, finishing and delivery.

Director Becky O'Brien told PrintWeek that her company considered it similar to deals offered by global companies such as Sky."

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