Friday, May 22, 2009

It's not about sustainability. It's about making money by reducing expenses.

The snippet below came in from Ad Age. It's not a bad article from the point of view of an agency. Good recommendations to do advertising. But it misses the point. Why do advertising at all? The money spent advertising could be better spent in using excess capacity at innovation centers doing proof of concept new applications. The internet will take care of getting the message to anyone who is paying attention.

Corporations are not in a position to be socially responsible. They are organized to make money. Once externalized costs are given dollar amounts, sustainability is just another rule in the money making game. As the Carbon Cap Exchanges grow money will maintain the rules.

When a global focuses on being socially responsible, it doesn't focus on delivering a better customer experience. Given that the only constant constraint is the amount of time and energy to focus, worrying about the environment is nice, but is not the job that managers are paid to do. Government is paid to do that job. Managers of public corporations are paid to make money.

The best sustainable communications is to stop the 50% of advertising that doesn't work. If it works, do it. If it doesn't don't do it. If you can't tell, do it as little as possible.

Meanwhile, at the click, the writer says it enables a brand to deliver a service in addition to a product." Sorry but brands don't deliver anything. People organized in micro, medium and global business deliver services and products.

Brands live in a user's mind that indicates an expectation of future behavior. Google is the best brand on the Planet. They don't buy advertising. They sell advertising. I trust Google to work tomorrow, because it has worked pretty well so far. And they constantly improve their product without asking me to pay for their beta. Same thing with Amazon.

How Sustainability Marketing Can Help in Recession - GoodWorks -
@Advertising Age
: "it enables a brand to deliver a service in addition to a product, helping consumers reduce their environmental impact. But this can be a credible strategy only if the brand can demonstrate a real commitment to responsible business and sustainability. Environmental and social messages are simply not enough."

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