Thursday, May 21, 2009

GM being nibbled from the bottom up. Networks eat Value Chains. Networks with accessible APIs scale much faster.

I think heard on Bloomberg this morning that Magna is top of the line in Germany to buy Opel. And Penske + Money might buy Saturn. Magna is a Canadian parts manufacturer. Penske is a huge auto dealer. Penske is an OPM/UNF/VAR. Magna is an OEM/UNF - user network facilitator.

The Print Industries
The new globals in Print will be OEM/UNF with organic connection to their own VARs or much better a self energizing network of VARs. Those networks will live in other globals or be independent.

The regional powerhouses will be OPM/VARs. Independent MPS are one OPM/UNF/VARs. They facilitate regional UNF. Commercial and quick printers are mostly OPM/VARs.

Google is an OPM/UNF. The product they have manufactured are their server farms with a very low marginal cost of processing power. Their VARS are the web. Amazon is an OPM/UNF. They've manufactured a logistics system that has very low marginal costs of delivering stuff. Their VARs are the web.

Staples and some of the Franchises are VAR/OPM/UNF for Print. The product they've manufactured are business processes that have a very low marginal cost for selling stuff and business services. The VARs are the stores that make choosing the stuff to buy easier than any place else. The marginal cost of selling more stuff is very low. They are the UNF for proprietary networks.

The opportunity for Franchises is to release their APIs in the sense of opening their networks to community of interest printernets in versioned newspapers, education, health, government printernets. The mitochondria are the creatives who live in organizations.

WalMart and Tesco are OPM/UNF/ VAR. The manufactured product and the VAR part is the same as Staples. They are the UNF for their own massive network of VARs. But WalMart and Tesco sell stuff, food and services. People in the metropole need less stuff and more services. People in other places need the right kind of stuff. Everyone, everyplace, every time needs food.

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