Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BP: What happens when Black Swans gather? Versioned newspapers and the legacy textbook business disappears

Reinventing textbooks, high school education, newspapers, the communication ecology of formal organizations and health doesn't seem like such a big deal when you consider the last 100+ days. Black Swans appear and disappear in real time. Not in corporate time.

Yesterday, the auto executives + unions + the EPA + DOT + environmental groups + the Governor of California + 10 CEOs of international Auto joined the U.S. President to set national fuel economy and tail pipe emissions in the States.

In the last 100+ days, we saw Members of the Boards of GM, AIG fired by their largest debt holders. Going forward it looks like the UAW will have a representative on the Board of GM. And Chrysler joins with FIAT.

The financial meltdown came and went in about 8 months. No doubt there is still lots to do and challenges ahead, but the blablablablabla is over. see Martin Wolf at the FT.

The US Congress is passing a credit card legislation, plus lots of other important stuff.

The US President had serious conversations with many of the most important global leaders.

The Bush/Cheney defined Republican Party has imploded and the President called for a civil discussion about abortion at a major Catholic founded University in the States.

And that doesn't even start to describe what's happening in the BRIC countries or Australasia.

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