Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sneak Preview of upcoming column at PBS MediaShift. It's about QR codes.

Connecting Print to the Cloud is the next big thing. QR codes+ RFID + Transpromo are the mechanisms.

The issue is no longer to go from the Cloud to Print. That's well defined once we can print from data streams instead of static masters. The new real value is going from Print to Cloud to get the information about activity in real life.

Everybody in education, health and government needs real time information about activity in real life. And it might even help more stuff, for those people that are in the selling stuff business.

Anyone else notice that Lexmark has a laser printer that can print RFID on regular paper.


  1. Hi, Michael.

    Don't be misled by the confusing Lexmark announcement. The machine does NOT print RFID tags. It prints on paper that has an RFID tag embeded in it (not "regular paper"). Here's a description of the printer from the Lexmark site:

    "The T640rn has a radio and an antenna integrated into the printer. By adding up to four additional drawers, you can print multiple sizes and types of media. It can print, program and verify RFID media as well as print your current business documents all on the same printer. With this solution, the tag that is embedded into the media is parallel to the long edge of the paper."

    BTW, I enjoy reading your wide-ranging and opinionated blog!


  2. George,

    Thank you for the clarification. Just shows I can fall for the press releases as much as anyone else.
    I will correct the post.

    And BTW
    I depend on straight talk and considered analysis from Beyond Print. Thanks to you and your team.