Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Color Cube in the workgroup for powerpoint. Nuvera at the CRD for textbooks.

The dirty little secret is that color is only a nice to have for customized textbooks. Mechanical bound black and white product is good enough.

"Good enough" at the right price and ease of use always beats out "perfect" that is too expensive, hard to use and comes to market at the wrong time.

Consider : VHS v Betamax and SONY, since the Walkman, and especially for the last four years.
Xerox unveils latest Nuvera printer
"The mono engine can output up to 200 images per minute, equal to 100 A4 pages a minute, and treads the middle ground in a Nuvera family that spans speeds from 100 up to 288 image per minute.

The Emulsion Aggregation (EA) perfecting production system prints at resolutions of 4800x600dpi and is claimed to excel at the printing of high-volume jobs, including statements, books and manuals."

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