Sunday, May 17, 2009

HP, Ricoh and Fuji are the Goliaths. Everyone else is a David.

Annals of Innovation: How David Beats Goliath
@The New Yorker:
When underdogs break the rules.
by Malcolm Gladwell

Click on the picture to see what I\
for a David, here's what I would do

1. Read Malcolm Gladwell's article on how David wins. click on the New Yorker link above.
2. If you are David, try new things. You can't win a war of attrition.
3. If you are a David trapped inside a Goliath, do the same thing.
4. If everyone else is spending money on advertising, spend your money on "proof of concepts."
5. Don't educate, demonstrate.
6. Never forget that value chain economies are about Goliaths. User network economies are all about lots and lots of Davids.
7. If this sounds like so much blablabla, send the link to your advertising agency or PR people. Then listen to what they have to say.

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