Friday, May 22, 2009

Organizing busyness for SMB means competing with iTunes for software. It might mean iTunes for textbooks.

Back in 2006, I did a 2 part column for What They Think called iPods and Textbooks. If I had to write it again, the title would be iPhones and Textbooks. But the argument is pretty much the same.

If Apple introduces an 8 by 10 iPhone, netbooks and laptops will have a new 800# gorilla to fight off. IBM sold their laptop piece. HP bought a laptop piece. C'mon HP, spin off the print piece while you try to compete with the iPhone.

Helping you run your small business, one app at a time.
On the back page of the May 25, 2009 issue of the New Yorker is an ad for iPhone apps with the "Helping you run . . ." title. Following are some of the available apps.

$6.99 . . . Print & Share - email + print to local printer
$29.99 . . LogMeIn - log in to your desktop from the road
$3.99 . . . Jobs/Time Tracking - track your billable hours
$49.99 . . .Credit Card Terminal - accept credit card payments
$12.99 . . . Quicksheet - spread sheet
$0.00 . . . FedEx Mobile - fedex tracking

Instead of trying to sell organizing software, maybe a global could do a deal to become an iPhone reseller. Or talk to Google. They have a Google Apps reseller program and need to get Android to scale. When the other phone companies release 8" by 10" phones/computers the other players for "laptops" or "netbooks" are going to have a very bad day.

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