Saturday, May 23, 2009

VCE vs UNE, Online education and printernet publishing

VCE = Value Chain Economy. UNE = User Network Economy.

The snippet will take you to a story about how expensive on line education has become for Universities.

Q: Given the essentially free cost of wiki's, blogs, and project management sites in the Cloud, how can this possibly be true?

A: When Cloud based technology is delivered through value chain commercial models it doesn't work. When Cloud capabilities are delivered through a user network commercial model it does.

Once it works, it will want printernet publishing.
Online Education Grows, but Painfully - "Fast forward to 2009: With budgets strained, every state is looking at how it pays for online learning, which can be a big expense."
The first stage of online education was supported by grants for collaboration at the top of the pyramid. The second stage is described below:
Some virtual universities have found financial footing through entrepreneurial savvy, per-course fees, revenue-sharing deals, and other income sources. Texas may join them. It is exploring a plan to build large bachelor’s-degree programs for adults who never finished college. With its experience, says the online-education analyst Richard Garrett, Texas has “a strong hand to play.”

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