Tuesday, June 16, 2009

AOL needs Clickable Postcards and Newspapers

Somebody who has the right relationship really should give them a call. see snippet below.

If you get the deal, get in touch with Clickable Print NY for the postcards. They are set up to do the production. They should be open for business in a couple of days.

For clickable newspapers, get in touch with the AlphaGraphics who is running a Stream digital newspaper box in New Jersey. I have to believe they have some open press time.

To be clear, Clickable Print.org is a non profit. Clickable Print NY is a commercial printer who has decided to get in the game.
Time Warner makes a small bet on hyperlocal news sites in Patch
Nieman Journalism Lab:
"Patch, operator of six local sites in New Jersey, was purchased last week by Time Warner. Forbes reported the purchase price to be about $10 million.

Patch has announced plans for three more sites, in Connecticut, and clearly it has its sights set on many more. In an unrelated transaction, Time Warner is also buying a Boston-based events-based site called Going."

According to a commenter it was AOL not Time Warner. But in any case, there is an opportunity, that will probably close quickly. Timing is everything.

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