Friday, June 19, 2009

Xerox: Focus on the Education and Health pieces

see links to Xerox ed and health pieces in the snippets below.

There's lots of stuff going on. Advertising is in a shamble. It's not that Print is broken. It's that advertising is broken. Trying to get margins from a broken business is really hard.

Education and health are also pretty broken. But the wave is going to hit in September in both spaces. That means people in education and health are going to have do more with less.

My bet is that there are Xerox teams that have the cred, the relationships and the experience to show people in ed and health how to do a lot more with a lot less.

So, lead with the strong suit where there is real value to add. Real value = good margins. As for the commercial print production industry, you can help them the most by connecting them to the work that education and health can't do themselves. That's what this whole printernet blablaba is about.

Clickable flyers, posters and newsletters are just the tip of the iceberg.

But, until the smoke clears don't invest in the advertising marketing business. Wait until you can get some visibility on what it's going to look like in a couple of years. Then pick the niches. Deliver real value. Earn good margins. And help my IRA.

Xerox - K-12 Education:
"Documenting the Future - The Center for Digital Education
New digital documents provide teachers and administrators options never before possible for teaching and communicating with students, parents and the community.

Remark Office OMR Software
Streamline the testing process! Automatically grade and analyze test results and provide a variety of graphical, customizable reports that illustrate areas of strength and weakness."
Health Care Industry Improves Document Workflows with Xerox:
"Health Care Providers

Delivering quality patient care is your number one priority. To ensure you always have adequate resources to fulfill your mission, you need to simplify paperwork processes, better manage technology assets, and more easily track and report regulatory compliance.

Xerox document specialists can help improve the employee experience so your staff can keep their focus on providing quality health care. After assessing your facility’s document needs, capabilities, and processes, we provide solutions to streamline document production and flow, ensure regulatory compliance, and achieve operational excellence.

Listen as Xerox Health Care VP Valerie Mason Cunningham discusses how Xerox’s services, solutions, and technologies help health care providers transform their business."

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