Saturday, June 20, 2009

Looking for a high margin print product? Consider this.

Nine 13 x 19 1/2" color posters sold for $19.99. If you included a 2d code for High School students, you might be able to charge $24.99. Somebody should follow the links and give School Specialty Publishing a call. I read on the website that one of the posters is out of stock. They probably should talk to someone with an box that does 13 1/2 by 20.

Don't you love Print?
School Specialty Publishing:
Photographic Early Learning Reminder Poster Set 2:
"Grades PK-2
Pages 9
Format Poster
Rights U.S. and International
ISBN 1570293457

Best-seller! Teachers love these visually powerful and multicultural posters. Direct, meaningful pictures show children modeling good behavior for others to follow., 13' x 19 1/2' More

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