Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Printweek could use printernet publishing.

From here in Brooklyn, it's hard to see what is happening in the UK.

In my jargon, New York/London is the gravity point of Euromerica. I'm glad I get the email alerts. If Printweek were printernet published, I would pay for a 24 page newsprint version here in the States. Not at £119.00 a year, but some more appropriate amount for a retired person like myself. For our viewers "across the pond" here's the link to subscribe: Haymarket Business Subscriptions.

Meanwhile, following is a cut and paste of this morning's email alert. It's real journalists like Matt Whipp, that allow bloggers like me to keep up an endless stream of blablablabla.

Digital features roundup

Matt Whipp,
15 June 2009, 23:23

Below you'll find our roundup of our features offering an in depth look into the digital sector.

Duncan Summers: 'People want to save money'

SVTwo aims to become 'leading UK printer' with double Indigo 5500 buy

Tim Sheahan,
10 June 2009, 12:49

SVTwo is aiming to establish itself as a "leading printer" by making a digital investment in a pair of HP Indigo 5500 presses.

Stramongate: Kendal site

Stramongate moves digital work in-house with ImagePress buy

Tim Sheahan,
11 June 2009, 11:04

Stramongate is planning to capitalise on the burgeoning level of short-run digital work after moving into the sector with the purchase of a Canon Image­Press C6000VP.

Pankarte picks HP Scitex for digital POP push
15 June 2009, 19:39

French point-of-purchase specialist Pankarte PLV has migrated 90% of work previously produced using screen printing to digital, following the installation of an HP Scitex FB6700 flatbed printer.

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