Thursday, June 18, 2009

Go Kodak Go! Stream prints QR codes and pURLs

You have to love tech and offset. At least I have to love tech and offset. So it turns out that Stream printheads can print QR codes!

I still don't know if they can do it on newsprint. But I figure I'll find out sooner or later.

Here's the business case and timing:

1. The Cloud based information gathering is getting very close to prime time.
Mostly through the stuff that's happening with Knight Foundation Winners.

2. CMO's don't, and never have, hated Print.
They hate being bugged by everyone for "metrics." The dirty little secret is that mostly they don't know what to do with data they have. Once they get some information they can put in a spread sheet, it won't suck any more than the other data they can present. The clients will be happy enough. Then everyone can get back to the business of constantly refining and improving the analytics so that moving forward CMOs will be able to make more and more evidence based decisions.

3. The panic in the newspaper world is starting to subside.
They are starting to see that there is no way to earn money for web based CPMs. Even the panic in the advertising world is starting to subside. Now the panic is going to move through education and health. In my not so humble opinion that's the next big opportunity.

4. They haven't used Microzone, because they are deers in the headlight.
But that's also starting to go away. The minute one of them starts increasing advertising revenue,they will all panic and do the same thing.

Then the "sales" problem becomes answering the phone in real time.
For a global that's already a huge problem. Have your PR people and recent fires get organized into off site, independent businesses to answer the phone.

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