Monday, June 15, 2009

XRX, HP, Xeikon: Clickable Labels for Medication?

After listening to President Obama this afternoon, I got to thinking about how important compliance is for the healing professionals. Here's the clickable version with the 58 minute video.

At any rate, there's lots of evidence that if people take their meds in the right dosage at the right time, they will get better faster.

So, if medications had dynamic QR codes on the labels, then every time a young person is supposed to take their meds they click on the label with their cell phone. Then compliance goes into the Cloud and is ready for the healing professionals to make sure they took what they were supposed to take, when they were supposed to take it.

I would think there should be a way for Rite-Aid, CVS, Costco or Walmart to do that at the counter when the pharmacist makes up the meds.

Knowing which people do what and when they do it is the metric everyone loves.

If someone is already doing this, please post. If not, anybody have any thoughts on why not?

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