Thursday, June 18, 2009

"it's impossible to get into the education market" blablablabla. Here's why"

GM goes bankrupt. Lehman disappears. Chrysler gets bought by FIAT and China is emerging as the engine of the world economy.

How many Black Swans is it going to take?
Give us flexibility to run our schools -
"Our school district has submitted a common-sense proposal, in partnership with the Fresno Unified School District, to members of the state Legislature. We want the Legislature to give us - and other school districts that request it - the same funding flexibility that the state gives to its charter schools. Provide us with one big block grant based on Average Daily Attendance, remove the reins, and let us go to work.

Flexibility and accountability

Our Proposal for Complete Categorical Flexibility includes accountability measures to keep us focused on two critical areas that our state has lost sight of: educating kids while making ends meet. Our plan would let the state tie my personal performance evaluation to student achievement. That is how much faith I have in the job that we're doing in our local schools, and the even better job that we could do if only we had more freedom."

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