Thursday, June 18, 2009

The quanta of communication is the word and Twitter and the Quantum Theory of Communication

The real value of twitter is that conversation is constrained to 145 characters. Not too much space for bullshit. Plus it's real time. Plus it can be anonymous.

The words have to be chosen both carefully and naturally. Once tweeted the words live in the Cloud. Once in the Cloud, artist/designer/computer geeks can make pictures of the word pattern. Once you can take a snapshot of moving patterns you can do compare and contrast.

Print displays snapshots of moving patterns.

If you want to learn what a person is saying, listen to her. If you want to learn what lots of persons are saying, scan the blogs and YouTube. If you want to understand what the crowd is "thinking," you need a lots of snapshots. It's the same as a particle accelerator or an MRI.

How might that work in a high school?

Someone should get in touch with the artist/designer/computer geek in question, follow the links below, and offer to sponsor a book of his snapshots. You can print it up for Print 09 and give it to your salespeople. My bet is that creatives will love it.

If you don't believe me, ask your ad agency, or the artist/designer/computer geek in your company. Mostly likely you'll find her/him in what used to be the prep department but these days it could be anyone under about 35.

Here's what I mean.

from Neoformix - Discovering and Illustrating Patterns in Data:

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