Saturday, June 20, 2009

The high margin deliverable is a spreadsheet. Everyting else is a commodity.

The right spreadsheets have actionable information. Everybody with a budget needs actionable information. If you do a Google search on "actionable information-for-me," you come up empty.

If you can't find it and buy it with the browser it's not a commodity. If you can, it is.

Actionable information-for-me can change every hour. It's always hard-for-them. Hard-for-them and easy-for-me means higher margins.
Mobile Marketing Magazine:
Targeting Key to Mobile Advertising's Future, says Xtract:
“One thing that we constantly hear from advertisers and marketers, who hold the purse strings, is that they need far more intricate levels of targeting than are generally available today, as well as measurability, accountability, and clearly defined ROI, in order to choose mobile over other media platforms,” he says."

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