Friday, June 19, 2009

If LCC suspends print courses, maybe Unite wants to get into the education business

Selling certificates is the best business on the planet. With the best of Web 2.0 technology the overhead course is negligible. That leaves enough money to pay instructors reasonable salaries. Plus many of the "excessed" (that's the common use in the States) printers have all the experience and knowledge they need.

Perhaps UNITE wants to start their own school. Perhaps Ms Pundit wants to help. I don't know how it works there, but perhaps some Labour MP can help you get the right to give certs. You'll have students on line from all UK commonwealth countries.

India alone could probably use everyone who's out there looking for the next thing to do.

LCC suspends print courses and consults on structural review
Barney Cox,, 19 June 2009

London College of Communication (LCC) has 'rested' its two higher education printing courses this year, citing lack of applicants.

It has also begun consultation on a complete overhaul of the college, which proposes to change its structure from four schools to two faculties.

Sue Pandit, dean of the School of Printing & Publishing is leaving at the end of June, a decision she said wasn't linked to the other events."

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