Friday, June 19, 2009

Score Quebecor! "Quebecor Media Network" is a printernet.

see PR release below
No wonder RRD made the offer.

If the Canadian Government had to get a complex message to everyone . Quebecor Media Network could get a couple of million flyers delivered to Canadians in a day or two.

If every high school student in Canada wanted clickable flyers that would focus on current events Quebecor Media could deliver them. If the flyers carried ads for Public Health agencies, they could be a profit center over above the small margins of deliver and print and deliver.

As the printernet emerges it could mean 500,000,000 + flyers, delivered around the world with a minimum carbon footprint.

Highlights from PR release follows.
Bold face are my highlights. Italics are my comments.

Quebecor Media creates ad flyer unit -
Printing Industry News from WhatTheyThink:

Last year alone, the company distributed more than 1.5 billion flyers across Canada."

The ultramodern printing plants in Islington and Mirabel, in which Quebecor Media invested over $250 million and which meet the highest standards of quality, particularly with respect to colour reproduction, combined with the company's extensive network of weeklies and dailies covering most major Canadian markets, will enable the Quebecor Media Network to quickly position itself as the industry leader.

The new unit will serve customers across Canada with no intermediary, offering:
1. A dependable and verifiable delivery system;
Manage logistics risk. It was Fedex's competitive advantage back in the day.

2. In-house distribution analytics via Geographic Information Systems (GIS);
The high margin deliverable is the spreadsheet and the data visualization.

3. Targeting by FSA (Forward Sortation Area), DA (Dissimination Area) and LDU (Local Delivery Unit);
I'm not sure what this means but it sounds like super efficient delivery of the right stuff to the right people

4. Supervised carrier force.
Managed risk for the entire process : Message Manager> Cloud> Print> Customer

"The launch of the Quebecor Media Network will enhance the company's integrated value proposition to its business partners and advertisers at the local, regional and national levels," said Pierre Karl Peladeau, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quebecor.

Local is where 95% of printing companies live.
Regional is where the big printing companies live.
National = locals spread within national boundaries.
Global = locals spread with out regards to national boundaries.

Go Quebecor! Go Printernet! Go Print!

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